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Access powerful audience data to reach the right voters with the right message at any time.

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  • Target Voters

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    Target Voters

    IQM tracks hundreds of voter attributes such as propensity to vote, party loyalty, and issue sentiment, which can be customized to your organization’s unique intelligence needs. We can show you voters’ online media consumption habits across all channels for any time frame, so you can create more effective messages.

  • Voter Insights

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    Voter Insights

    It’s difficult to retarget every voter at scale. Using a lookalike method enables you to find voters at scale who look and behave like your most valuable voters so you can efficiently improve campaign performance and meet your goals.

Data Partners

IQM has built a robust ecosystem data partners that provide a rich, trustworthy data pool which fuels how candidates and advocacy groups can target voters with precision and accuracy. Our data partners lead the industry in data quality, analytics, and security.

  • Voter Optimization

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    Voter Optimization

    When your digital ad campaign is successful, you want to figure out how to repeat that success. IQM will identify segments with the highest ROI and easily target them within campaigns for optimal performance and efficiency. Then, we’ll store those segments so you can access them for future campaigns.

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