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DevOps Engineer

  • Job Role

    • Design, build and maintain the Development, Test and Production environments using cloud services.
    • Ensure the SLA for IQM services with a high-availability system design and production-monitoring plan.
    • Ensure application performance in production to scale.
    • Update the data center infrastructure through automation for scaling the services and reducing costs.
    • Ensure the security and integrity of IQM's services.
    • Provide and maintain tools which will help Continuous Integration & Application Deployment to cloud production environment.
    • Provide timely response to system alerts and participate in the on-call schedule.
  • Skills Required

    • Experience with Amazon Web Services, autoscaling, ELB management, EBS storage management, S3,RDS,EMR jobs.
    • Ability to work on cost optimization of AWS services consumed.
    • Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS) server administration – debugging and resolving system/application issues.
    • Developing {Python, shell, Perl} scripts for automating routine tasks.
    • Ability to setup MySQL or PostgresQL database, troubleshoot DB issues & improve DB performance.
    • Ability to configure and maintain web-servers (e.g. apache & nginx), DNS servers, Firewalls, LDAP servers, Tomcat servers.
    • Working knowledge of Git, Maven and Jenkins.
    • Managing production deployment.
    • Understanding of containers like Docker.
    • Manage configuration using Chef/Puppet.

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