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Product Director

  • About you

    Smart, Self Motivated, Self-driven, Innovative (out of box thinking),
    Having Ad-tech Industry Knowledge, Product Development Experience,
    Creative Thinking, Leadership Qualities, Good at time/people management,
    Excellent Communication Skills

    Total Experience: 12+ Years
    Relevant Experience: 3+ Years

    Computer Science

    He/she has to play a role like an orchestra conductor.
    He/she will be a bridge between management, sales, design, and development team.

  • Responsibilities

    • Be in constant touch with management and understand founders’ vision
    • Be in constant touch with marketing and sales team and understand marketing requirement
    • Be updated with industry trend and upcoming market trades
    • Articulate the gathered knowledge into a product development plan along with an appropriate roadmap based on priorities.
    • Plan entire development as per feature release and version management.
    • Keep 1 year of product roadmap from which 3 months of the roadmap should be well detailed & documented (explanation + designs).
    • Keep 3 months of development planning (in terms of versions) and timeline ready by coworking with respective team leads.
    • Get sprints designed coordinating with respective team leads and act as a scrum master during team-lead calls.
    • Keep a tight watch for ongoing development and clear roadblocks by active communication.
    • Resource management and reallocation for efficient development.
    • Product and feature documentation before any new release.
    • Give product release with version management.
    • Get entire product documentation in place for better customer support.