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Senior React TypeScript Front-end Engineer

  • Skills Required

    • 5+ years experience in advertising technology;
    • JavaScript knowledge (OOP, closures, context);
    • TypeScript;
    • Module Architecture Understanding AMD/CommonJS;
    • Good understanding of jQuery nuances;
    • Work experience with React, Redux;
    • Understanding of MVC & MVVM patterns in relation to Front-end development;
    • Very good knowledge HTML5/CSS3;
    • Good understanding of Webpack & Gulp usage principles;
    • Experience with git;
    • Be curious and always interested in learning new technologies and frameworks;
  • A big plus would be

    • Work experience or good understanding of back-end technologies;
    • Work experience with Node.js;
    • CoffeeScript;
    • Gitflow knowledge and experience;
    • Experience with Knockout.JS, Epoxy, Bootstrap, Polymer, LESS/SASS;
    • Open source projects contribution &/or development.
  • Personality

    • You want to work in a small, agile team.
    • You mentor other developers when needed.
    • You work hard and don’t need much oversight.
    • You like variety in your projects.
    • You want to be proud of what you do at your job.

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