Consumer Intelligence

Gain a better understanding of consumer behaviors and motivations to make strategic decisions, inform messaging and drive engagement


Intelligence Attributes


Consumers Available


Real-time Data Analysis Latency


One-stop solution for all consumer intelligence needs

Enables parties with predictive AI cognitive capabilities

On-demand consumer data visualization with flexible segments

Platform agnostic data analysis speeds results

Automation available on event-based Intelligence

Scalability without the cost and complexity

Cost-effective subscriptions, low minimums

Simple, shareable interface on a single platform


Product Overview

IQM’s Consumer Intelligence enables clients with predictive capabilities, serving as cognitive agent for consumer intelligence data. In addition to segmenting and visualizing real-time consumer data, our application provides the ability to automate insights on event-based consumer intelligence.

Location-based, event-driven queries are supported by historical and real-time data, combining 1st Party Data matching ability with a consumer’s device ID graph. Our Consumer Intelligence application provides a single place to seamlessly search and visualize audience segments in an easy-to-access, scalable environment.

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