Consumer Targeting (Formerly Omni-Channel Media Buying Application)

Cognitive intelligence to cost-effectively purchase media and data, utilizing Programmatic RTB and consumer intelligence AI.


Businesses use it


Attributes Available


Internet Users Reached


Real-time voter analysis for better segmentation & targeting

Directly target individuals based on AI-driven insights

Create and manage omni-channel, cross-device campaigns

Reach more relevant customers to improve campaign performance

Programmatic real-time bidding on a huge range of inventory

Execute media campaigns efficiently and effectively

Empower buyers to build more sophisticated strategies

Reduce staffing, costs and potential for human error


Product Overview

A Customer Shopping DNA(CS-DNA) carries the genetic and learned instructions used in the selection, purchasing, usage, and recommendation of products and services by all customers. IQM’s media buying application does the heavy lifting for you as it defines and targets your ideal customer and leads them into your conversion pipeline.

Control your budget while automating targeting, purchasing, and reporting without juggling multiple channels. Our media purchasing application gives you all of the tools and insights you need without the hassle you expect.

Make AI work for you