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Data Management

Find, segment and understand voters.

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  • ID Matching

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    ID Matching

    Using both cookie-based and cookie-less proprietary data matching technology, IQM safely matches your voter data with more than 170 million anonymous voter profiles. Our powerful 70% match rate fuels your ability to build more accurate, data-rich segments so you can target your voters more effectively.

  • Voter Onboarding

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    Voter Onboarding

    Unify your data sources across channels and devices so you can increase reach, improve targeting and maintain a consistent database of voters profiles.

  • Segmentation

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    Our dynamic segmentation capabilities are fully integrated into our media buying platform, allowing you to change targeting instantly.

  • Voter Insights

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    Voter Insights

    Working with multiple data providers and analytics platforms results in data fragmentation and the potential for audience overlap. IQM provides one secure platform for all your voter data so you can gain a deeper understanding of voter behavior. Accessing the most recent, accurate data and real-time analysis leads to valuable insights you can use immediately.

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