Data is the fuel for political parties to enhance voter ingishts, build awareness and increase engagement. Join our ecosystem of IQM Data Partners to participate in a diverse collective of information and opportunity exchange.


The IQM network ingests any type of data and generates purchasable audience segments through our data exchange platform. Your participation allows you to monetize your data in a secure, contained environment.


Seamless Surfing

More Impressions

More Revenue


Benefits of being an IQM Data Partner

By partnering with IQM, you can understand and maximize the value of your specific data sets while utilizing the pooled knowledge of our community.


Our tools will assess and score the true value of the metrics you have accrued


Utilize our marketplace to sell data within members of the community

Easy tracking

Track your earnings by utilizing our Audience Builder Dashboard


IQM provides clear information on cost, usage and revenue to all our Data Partners

Ready to be rewarded for partnering with IQM?

Companies such as Oracle, L2 Political, Haystack DNA, Liveramp, Axciom, Lotame, and other telecoms utilize our data collection SDK, real time mobile data stream, and monetization applications to maximize their data value. Find out how you can join our community.