Programmatic Channels

Omnichannel Campaign Management

Our DSP enables you to manage and optimize your ad campaigns across all devices and channels so you can reach voters at every touchpoint.

Person at the voting booth with political ads on laptop, tv, mobile and tablet around him


Reach your target audience with precision. Leverage best-in-class targeting, and unmatched reach. Configure your campaigns to deliver mobile-specific or omnichannel.

Political ads on several mobile screens

Connected TV

Maximize your reach to audiences across linear and streaming TV, with full control and transparency over where your ads are being displayed, along with consolidated reporting.

Political ads running on several TV screens


While mobiles are gaining popularity, desktops remain another favorite device for browsing and provide one more avenue to engage with your audience.

Political advertisements on laptops and desktop screens


Adapt your advertisements to work across devices seamlessly and add one more touchpoint to reach your audience effectively.

Political advertisements running on several tablets


In today's vast programmatic ad space, display ads remain the leading format. The flexibility they offer in terms of size, format, and content, makes them easy to integrate with all channels.

Display advertisements in various sizes


Blend creative assets into the format of the surrounding context. This allows publishers to achieve a consistent look and feel while boosting engagement.

Example of Native ads


Incorporate video across every screen and video platform. Digital and video are converging. Reaching customers across screens is essential.

Example of video advertisement


Audio has an extensive reach. Connect the experience of audio ads with the precise targeting and metric capabilities of digital marketing.

Examples of audio ads

Rich Media

Grab the attention of your target audience with interactive ads that can play, expand and be visible as interstitial, working seamlessly across devices, including a mix of multimedia features such as video and animation.

Political ad in rich media format