Use Cases

Candidate Awareness Campaigns

Candidate awareness campaigns are an excellent way to familiarize voters with the candidate, their platform, and their stance on various issues. A voter awareness campaign introduces a candidate, shares their biography, and tells us what makes them a good candidate. These introductory campaign ads generally set the tone for the entire campaign.

Man wearing an American flag pin and a name tag

Things to consider in candidate awareness campaigns

  • Core messaging - Assess what is the current awareness level for your candidate, and decide the content of the ad based on that. Candidate awareness campaigns generally contain one or more of the following information - bio, intro, testimonial, and endorsement.
  • Share the political platform - It's important to convey the core political platform of the candidate. Initial awareness campaigns don't typically go into details of stance on all issues and the plan, but it's important to make the voters aware of the core platform.
  • Voter data upload and matching - Efficiently use the voter list and first and third-party data, and match them to reach the most relevant audience.
  • Targeting Techniques - Using advanced targeting techniques such as location-based and demography-based targeting is very effective in helping your reach your voters and thus maximize your reach within budget.

How IQM helps with candidate awareness campaigns

  • Insights - Focused on a political niche, IQM can provide you detailed insights into the demography and lifestyle of voters in your constituency, and issues that they care about. This can help you greatly in understanding your target audience, planning your campaign, and forming the messaging.
  • Targeting with Precision -
    • Targeting by Demographics - Demographics is one of the most used parameters for ad targeting because of its simplicity and effectiveness. A political first DSP, IQM reaches your target audience based on their age, gender, ethnicity, etc. with high accuracy.
    • Location-based targeting - With IQM's geofencing capability, you can reach out to your voters by drawing the exact constituency you want to target. This flexibility helps you reach out to your target audience with high accuracy.
    • Contextual - Further narrow down your target audience by the content they are consuming. IQM uses machine learning technology to show your ad on publisher websites and pages where the content matches your political platform.
  • Data onboarding and matching - Onboard your voter data to reach out to your supporters and people in your constituency. With 190M+ data for the political domain, we have the industry-leading match rate.
  • Inform with Video ads and Connected TV - Videos are very efficient and effective in introducing a candidate, familiarizing the public with their face, and sharing their political platform. With IQM's omnichannel capability, you can run video ads on publisher websites as well as on CTV.
  • Audience extension to social media and direct mail -IQM enables you to reach your programmatic audience through email and social media ads too, thus expanding your reach.