Use Cases

Event Promotion Campaigns

Whether it's to introduce a candidate, show endorsement, or stand up for a cause - rallies and marches are great to get the grassroots involved, to catch attention, and to show the momentum of your campaign. The higher the attendance of your event, the more likely it will catch the attention of the media, amplifying your support further.

That's what makes a well-laid-out promotion plan for your event very important. The purpose of event promotion campaigns is to motivate people to come to your rallies or march. Well-planned promotion campaigns make people aware of the event, the broad messaging, plan ahead to travel to your event, and gather more support through word of mouth.

Crowd at an American political rally

Things to consider in event promotion campaigns

  • Clear communication on event location and time -It's important to communicate clearly the location, date, and time of your event. Further details such as how to reach the location, point(s) of entry, where to park, and a detailed itinerary are all very helpful to make the process easier for your attendees. IQM makes this process easier by integrating Maps and Calendar right into your advertisement, which can direct people to your location, and get them to save the date in their calendar.
  • Make getting tickets (if any) easy and fast - An easier process means fewer dropouts. So, if your event attendees need any tickets or do a booking, make it easy and fast by asking for minimal info and steps to complete the booking.
  • Merchandise and signs - Branded merchandise, banners, and signs such as hats and t-shirts are a great way for your supporters to show solidarity and be part of the movement. You should plan to keep branded merchandise, signs, and banners at the site. Also provide downloadable copies of your logo, slogan, and messaging ideas on your website to help people to get prepared and involved.
  • Create momentum on social media - Social media is an important part of event promotion. It gets people involved and excited, and gets them to connect with other supporters.
  • Use CRM data and voter list - Use your CRM data and voter list to narrow down the people you want to reach out to.
  • Targeting techniques - Advanced audience targeting techniques such as retargeting, lookalike targeting, geo-fencing, and demography-based targeting are very effective in ensuring that you reach the most relevant audience.

How IQM helps with event promotion campaigns

  • Calendar integration in the ad - This unique feature from IQM directs people from the ad copy to their calendar app with the date and time of the event pre-filled. This makes it easier for the people to remember and plan for attending the event.
  • Map integration in the ad - IQM provides the ability to integrate Google maps API into ad text. Your audience is directed from the ad to the map app with location information of your event, making it easier for them to find the event location.
  • Advanced targeting
    • Location-based targeting - Reach out to people on the basis of their current and past location. With our sophisticated targeting technique, you can draw the exact boundary where you want to reach out to your target audience, or a specific location such as a college campus, public building, or another rally.
    • Demography-based targeting- IQM helps you reach out to your relevant target audience by targeting them by age, gender, ethnicity, income group, etc. Our hyper-focused approach for political niche helps your reach your target audience with high accuracy.
    • Retargeting - With basic retargeting, you can track people who visit your virtual event page without finishing registration. Then you can use ads to re-engage these people around the web and get them to come back to finish the registration process.
  • Advertising on Social media - Social media is an important part of an event promotion campaign. With IQM's audience extension, you can reach out to your programmatic audience on their social media feeds.
  • Data Onboarding and Matching- Focused on political and issue advocacy niche, IQM has its own DMP. We also partner with several data and political partners for data and insights. That gives us the ability to match your voter list and CRM data with high accuracy.