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Fundraising Campaigns

What is a Fundraising campaign?

Fundraising is an important part of political & issue advocacy campaigns. To run a competitive political campaign, you need a well-executed fundraising strategy. A fundraising campaign is a solution to reach your supporters with messaging that resonates with them and connects to them at a deeper level. It's something that helps to define your campaign, your mission, and why people should give you their support.

In a time when online fundraising is becoming the norm, digital ads help you increase your reach. Scalable, and at the same time, accurate targeting helps you reach a wider base, consisting of people who are more likely to donate to your cause.

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Things to consider in Fundraising campaigns

  • Define SMART campaign goals - Clearly defined campaign goals ensure that you have focus and clear visibility of your target and the budget. Some of the important goals at the beginning of a fundraising ad campaign can be the amount of money you are trying to raise, and your budget.
  • Powerful Messaging - A well-crafted, powerful message that connects with people on a deeper level plays a very important part in a fundraising campaign. With the right messaging, you can move the needle in your favor and can direct your likely donors to the right pages to make the donation process smooth.
  • Use CRM data effectively - Reach out to previous donors, supporters, and groups that align with your political platform.
  • Use targeting technologies to maximize reach -Audience targeting like retargeting and lookalikes are very effective in narrowing down your target audience.
  • Clear Call to Action and easy donation process-A clear CTA in the ad body that directs to the donation page, and a quick and easy donation process ensure that the abandonment is minimal.

How IQM helps you with Fundraising Campaign

  • Accurate Targeting - IQM's advanced AI-powered technology made for the political and issue-advocacy domains makes it easy for you to reach your target audience with great precision.
    • Lookalike Targeting - Lookalike audience targeting is an efficient and effective way to expand your reach to new people as your ideal or current audience.
    • Retargeting - IQM enables you to retarget the people who have visited your page or shown interest in your ad. Donors take some time to research the cause before making a donation. Retargeting ensures that people who have shown interest and are likely to donate are reminded in their busy lives to complete the transaction.
    • Contextual Targeting- IQM uses machine learning to help you reach the audience of thousands of publishers' partners with relevant content. This targeting methodology reaches users when they are in a receptive frame of mind.
    • CRM direct upload - Reach out to your supporters and donors by directly uploading your CRM database into our DSP.
    • Location-based targeting - Use our advanced technologies like geo-fencing and geo-farming technology to reach people who are in or frequent certain locations to find your likely donors.
  • Interactive Ad with redirection to donation page -Interactive display banners or video ads with clear CTA (call to action) like 'donate now' captures attention and make donation easy.
  • Run campaigns on email and social media - IQM's audience extension lets you reach your programmatic audience on social media and e-mail as well. With this true omnichannel capacity, you can reach your target audience effectively across channels and have complete visibility of your campaign from a single platform.
  • Real-time reporting - With our real-time reporting, keep a close track of your campaign performance against your fundraising goals and recalibrate on the go to maximize the impact of your campaign.