Voter Micro - Targeting (Formerly Omni-Channel Media Buying Application)

Cognitive intelligence to cost-effectively purchase media and data, utilizing Programmatic RTB and voter intelligence algorithms.


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Real-time voter analysis for better segmentation & targeting.

Directly identify most likely voters from algorithm-driven insights.

Create multi-channel, cross device advertising campaigns.

Reach more undecided voters to improve campaign performance.

Programmatic real-time bidding on a huge range of inventory.

Execute media campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

Empower campaigns to build more sophisticated strategies.

Reduce staffing needs, costs and the potential for human errors.

Product Overview

The profiles we develop carry the genetic and learned instructions used in the selection, media habits, and message preferences of the voter informations we've acquired. Voter data comes directly from our customers and reputable data partners that adhere to strict privacy standards.

IQM’s media buying application does the heavy lifting as technology helps you define your core base and target undecided voters. The goal is connect with your base more efficiently and motivate undecideds to vote in your favor.

Control your budget while automating targeting, purchasing, and reporting in one interaction. Our political media purchasing application gives you all of the tools and insights you need without the hassle you expect.

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