Who We Are

IQM is a team of technology experts, developers, entrepreneurs and academics who leverage the power of AI to solve business problems.

Our Mission

We’re passionate about leveraging data and AI to empower humanity. IQM's vision is to create a worldwide system that gathers and shares critical knowledge about the human experience in real time, enabled by rich data and artificial intelligence. In the political sphere, our goal is to level the playing field. We can provide any entity with the ability to selectively target individuals, identify potential new constituents, and deliver targeted digital messaging to influence voter beliefs and behavior.

Today our focus is on using AI to create richly detailed voter profiles: augmenting data sets with insights, learning from historical behaviors, analyzing real-time inputs, and delivering targeted messaging. Most importantly, our deep learning technology improves automatically with each new data point, reducing the burden of ongoing analysis and coding. Our commitment to the political sphere includes the creation of an AI Marketplace & Community, connecting developers and tools in one place.

Well Connected

IQM has real time anonymous consumer data on over 500M consumers with rapidly growing data partnerships.


Our lead team of developers and software experts have built consumer centric business applications over 20 years.

Open Philosophy

We encourage in-house development and autonomous solutions by offering a wide range of AI tools and wrappers developed by our community

Bhargav Patel

Co-Founder / CEO

Bhargav Patel is a strategic and technical visionary who leads the product roadmap and marketplace vision for IQM. His primary focus is on mobile infrastructure, advertising trends, and consumer needs.

Patel has been building advertising and publishing platforms since 2010, and he's been involved with multiple startups, one of which earned him first place in the “1176 Challenge Cup” among 64,000 start-up companies sponsored by the US Chamber of Commerce. He earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Toledo University in Ohio.

Kris Qiu

Co-Founder / COO

As IQM's operational and business leader, Kris Qiu's primary focus is on building the financial and operational infrastructure, employee teams, culture, and strategic growth path of the company.

Qiu has worked in private equity for Vision Capital Advisors, LLC and in investment banking for Kerburn Rose, both in New York. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Baruch College, and he has significant experience with startups and companies in technology, media, and telecommunications.

Chintan Buch

Co-Founder / CTO

Chintan Buch is a seasoned IT professional with more than ten years of experience in developing enterprise applications across domains such as online advertising, finance, healthcare, industrial automation. Prior to joining to IQM, he worked for Cisco, AOL, Advertising.com and Deutsche Bank.

Buch holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a specialization in Computer Science. He is a proven technology leader and solution architect who can implement business strategies with high-performance technology solutions.

Derrick Horner

Co-Founder / CSO

Derrick operates H1 Ventures through which he co-founds and/or serves as a strategic advisor to growth-stage companies. He is a multi-faceted, business advisor with a record of successful execution at all stages of growth through exit, representing start-up and public companies for over 20 years. As an advisor, he focuses on managing operations and growth, product strategy and marketing, distribution and monetization, sales and business development as well as corporate finance and development. Derrick started his career at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett in New York and London where he represented clients in connection with a variety of capital market transactions and mergers and acquisitions. Derrick graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College and received his law degree cum laude from Harvard Law School.


IQM was founded as a technology company with a suite of consumer analytics tools that enable Ad Agencies, Businesses, and Political Campaigns to selectively target consumers - creating a broader awareness and increased sales by delivering uniquely personalized calls to action. IQM technology allows our clients to learn who future customers will be and how to target them, thus always growing their potential customer target base.

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