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We collaborate with campaigns and organizations to better identify, understand and predict a voter's journey to Election Day.

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The IQM Difference

Our approach to AI is lean

By leveraging existing user-interface technologies on the front end and robust APIs, applications, and deep learning technologies on the backend, IQM developers can design a solution that suits your needs quickly and efficiently.

Data makes all the difference

IQM’s proprietary data can augment your own, providing insights into 500 million consumers for a deep view on a broad spectrum potential targets. And if you already work with an existing partner, we can integrate that data as well.

Artificial intelligence that evolves

What sets IQM apart is our ability to apply deep learning and natural language processing to any solution, rather than training AI at a single point in time. This gives our solutions the ability to improve automatically based on new data and user interactions.

Actionable insights at scale

Leveraging insights from complex constituent interactions gives you a distinct competitive edge. IQM offers near-real-time decision making to enable consumer-specific marketing effectively tailored to individuals and segments, rather than a broad population.

IQM can make AI work for you

Transform the power, depth and speed of your consumer intelligence and targeting with AI-enabled turnkey solutions or integrated applications.