Audience Planning

Optimize your advertising spend and drive better results with our audience planning feature, designed to help your brand reach the right people at the right time.

Onboard your Audience List

IQM matches your audience list or CRM data to mobile device IDs, cookies, and IP addresses using both ID-based and cookie-less proprietary patent-pending data matching technologies while keeping consumers' personal information private.

  • Seamless integration with multiple providers

  • Use any DMP provider as per your needs

  • Upload data in any format and from any system

  • Push data from your DMP to IQM in just a few clicks

IQM DSP Platform - B2B Vertical - Planning - Onboard your audience list

Create your Audience

With IQM, you can create a highly qualified audience with the most up-to-date & relevant real-time audience data for any industry, business location, or business category in a privacy-safe manner. IQM provides complete transparency and the newly created audience list can be activated in the IQM DSP platform immediately.

  • Specially curated audience segments

  • Most up-to-date audience segments

  • Privacy safe audience segments

IQM DSP Platform - B2B Vertical - Planning - Create Your Audience List

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