About Us

IQM is a programmatic media buying and audience intelligence platform focused on politics, advocacy, and issue-based campaigns.

Our proprietary AI-powered patent-pending technology identifies and analyzes the online and offline voter journeys with high accuracy, and reaches them with real-time, targeted ads locally and globally, across devices and channels like mobile, desktop, CTV/OTV, native, and audio. We provide 360-degree political advertising solutions to political campaigns and advocacy organizations including planning, targeting, measuring, optimizing, and insights.

With over 190+ million anonymous voter profiles from the US and advanced machine learning technology, we can provide industry-leading match rates of 60-75% of clients' voter data. We have proven success with campaigns at various levels, ranging from school boards to the presidential elections in North America, Latin America, Africa, and South Asian countries.

A Global Company

Headquartered in New York, United States, we have teams in the US, Canada and India, working with clients across the globe.

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The IQM Journey: A Proven Track Record of Success

  • IQM was founded by college classmates inspired by innovations in mobile technology.

  • IQM launched a proprietary programmatic media buying platform with a mobile-first approach.

  • Launched digital ad campaigns for several candidates on the municipal, state, and federal levels. Launched voter awareness campaigns for several ballot initiatives.

  • IQM developed proprietary voter matching technology. The ads run on IQM platform reached over 100 million people daily.

  • Ran ad campaigns for over 100 political candidates during the midterm elections.

  • IQM become the only programmatic media buying platform focusing on politics, advocacy, and issue-based campaigns.

  • IQM ranked #21 Fastest Growing Companies by Financial Times in the USA and #2 Fastest Growing Companies by Inc 500 in NYC. IQM launched ad campaigns in 5+ non-US markets.

  • IQM launched the self-serve platform.

Our Team

We work hard, play hard!


Picture of Bhargav Patel
Bhargav Patel

Chief Executive Officer


Picture of Kris Qiu
Kris Qiu

Chief Operating Officer


Picture of Tal Salomon
Tal Salomon

Chief Revenue Officer


Picture of Armela Dosti
Armela Dosti

Account Executive


Picture of Dhimant Bhundia
Dhimant Bhundia

Head of Product


Picture of Ankit Vyas
Ankit Vyas

Chief Design Officer


Picture of Sanjay Vaghela
Sanjay Vaghela

VP, Engineering & Data


Picture of Fior Espinal
Fior Espinal

Sr. Dir. of Operations


Picture of Alexey Rechkunov
Alexey Rechkunov

Dir. of Tech. Delivery


Picture of Aravind Raja
Aravind Raja

Frontend Developer


Picture of Claire Campbell
Claire Campbell

Frontend Developer


Picture of Bhaumik Shukla
Bhaumik Shukla

VP of Products


Picture of Bhavik Patel
Bhavik Patel

Sr. Data Engineer


Picture of Brijesh Babariya
Brijesh Babariya

Sr. Frontend Developer


Picture of Darshan Khatri
Darshan Khatri

Head of AdOps


Picture of Darshil Chanpura
Darshil Chanpura

DevOps Lead


Picture of Matt Casey
Matt Casey

Sr. Data Scientist


Picture of Pooja Ranjan
Pooja Ranjan

Sr. Data Scientist


Picture of Devarsh Shah
Devarsh Shah

Sr. Fullstack Developer


Picture of Meenu Karmvar
Meenu Karmvar

Marketing Manager


Picture of Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel



Picture of Vrajika Shah
Vrajika Shah

HR Admin Executive


Picture of Jayesh Parmar
Jayesh Parmar

Backend Developer


Picture of Jinesh Patel
Jinesh Patel

Backend Developer


Picture of Scott Saland
Scott Saland

Account Executive


Picture of Paul Marin
Paul Marin

Director of Comms.


Picture of Mayank Sanadhya
Mayank Sanadhya

Data Scientist


Picture of Megha Patel
Megha Patel

Software Developer


Picture of Desh Deepak Singh
Desh Deepak Singh

Frontend Developer


Picture of Hardik Vagadia
Hardik Vagadia

QA Analyst


Picture of Aryan Gupta
Aryan Gupta

Data Scientist


Picture of Mihir Patel
Mihir Patel

Account Executive


Picture of Padmaja Amin
Padmaja Amin

UX Designer


Picture of Pratik Thakkar
Pratik Thakkar

Head of Integration


Picture of Raj Parmar
Raj Parmar

Data Engineer


Picture of Bharat Bhambhaney
Bharat Bhambhaney

Product Delivery Manager


Picture of Ravi Kukadia
Ravi Kukadia

Sr. DevOps Engineer


Picture of Rena Patel
Rena Patel

Data Engineer


Picture of Saurabh Sevak
Saurabh Sevak

Backend Developer


Picture of Shraddha Patel
Shraddha Patel

Sr. Backend Developer


Picture of Vishakha Kuralkar
Vishakha Kuralkar

QA Analyst


Picture of Yash Patel
Yash Patel

Data Science Intern


Picture of Abhishek	Yadav
Abhishek Yadav

QA Analyst


Picture of Yog Sharma
Yog Sharma

Frontend Developer


Picture of Sakshi Patki
Sakshi Patki

Graphic Designer


Picture of Max Gabler
Max Gabler

VP, Sales