Location Targeting

Reach the right people at the right time and place with our powerful location targeting tool.

Geo-fencing Targeting

Create polygons (virtual boundaries) on the map and target HCPs or patients in real-time when they visit the desired locations.

  • Virtual boundaries for precise targeting.

  • Timely engagement with real-time targeting.

  • Target beyond zip-code level

IQM DSP Platform - Healthcare Vertical - Geo-fencing Targeting

Geo Farming Targeting

Identify your target audience by their historical visitation behavior to specific points of interest such as hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare centers, etc. for up to 1 year, and target them with relevant ads.

  • Identify target audiences based on their visitations of specific locations such as hospitals, laboratories or pharmacy stores.

  • Create a customised segment of these audiences

  • Reach out to these audiences on mobiles or desktops with a customised message.

IQM DSP Platform - Healthcare Vertical - Geo-farming Targeting

See the location targeting in action