Our Technologies

Data Security and Privacy

We ingest and activate your campaign data for the sole purpose of matching and targeting voters. IQM anonymizes all data with strong file encryption and data protection methods. We support the use of election firewalls and comply with the established firewalls of all our political campaign clients.

GDPR ComplianceGDPR Compliance
CCPA ComplianceCCPA Compliance
Political Ad Choice Compliance with DAAPolitical Ad Choice Compliance with DAA
US Political Ads CompliancesUS Political Ads Compliances

We ensure that any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is protected from unauthorized use or disclosure. Also, we are an active member of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), and strictly follow their policies.

Data privacy, security and compliance for ad targeting
Illustration showing voter insights

Voter Intelligence

IQM provides a secure AI-powered platform for voter data, insights, and campaign analysis, to help you gain a deeper understanding of voter behavior. Track, measure, and optimize your campaigns with accurate data and real-time analysis.

Use our hyper-focused insights to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience and build an addressable audience based on your campaign goals. Reach this curated audience through insights-driven targeted campaigns using relevant messaging.

Location Intelligence

IQM's AI-powered platform uses machine learning to reach your audiences accurately and provides the best possible ROI for your campaigns. Our advanced geo-targeting capabilities like geo-fencing and geo-farming help you reach your target audience with enhanced accuracy.

  • Geofencing Targeting - Create a polygon (virtual boundary) on the map and target voters in real-time when they visit the location.
  • Geofarm Targeting - Identify your target audience by their historical visitation behavior to places such as congressional districts, counties, rallies, marches, etc., and target them with relevant ads.
Illustration showing location-based voter intelligence

Illustration showing how IQM’s proprietary Creative AI technology works

Creative AI

Increase your advertisement outreach and ROI with our proprietary patent-pending creative AI technology, which abstracts the contextual data from the advertising creatives and matches it with curated ad inventory and audiences for the best possible performance.

  • Cookie-less targetingCookie-less targeting
  • Increase ad serving frequency without comprising the audience outreachIncrease ad serving frequency without comprising the audience outreach
  • Optimize the creative and publisher context matchingOptimize the creative and publisher context matching
  • Reach the right audiences at scaleReach the right audiences at scale
  • Increase  engagementIncrease engagement

Contextual Intelligence

Target your audience by the content they are consuming or have consumed in the past. IQM's AI-powered platform monitors advertisements across hundreds of news and information sites, captures user and content data, analyzes the data in real-time, and creates targeting models based on historical and recent content consumption.

  • 100+ languages are represented in cataloged content100+ languages are represented in cataloged content
  • 250,000+ publisher sites cataloged250,000+ publisher sites cataloged
  • 150M+ URLs cataloged daily in real-time150M+ URLs cataloged daily in real-time
Contextual ad targeting capabilities of IQM platform

Real-time bid optimization in programmatic advertising


Bid Optimization in RTB

IQM delivers the infrastructure, networking, and analytics to ensure your ads reach your audience quickly, efficiently, and at the most efficient cost per impression. Our ad servers are designed to dynamically test, identify and scale top-performing ad units across target audiences, so every bid is optimized. We know that milliseconds can mean the difference between your ad being viewed or not viewed, and we ensure fast and low-latency service delivery.

Our advanced machine learning and AI capabilities parse millions of ad requests in real-time and consider multiple factors, such as type of inventory (including fraudulent inventory), type of publishers, creatives, time of the day, etc., to optimize bids. This helps you reach the right target audience with the right message at a price that reflects the true value of the opportunity.

Creative Optimization

We use machine learning and AI cognitive capabilities to predict how segments of your audience will engage with your creatives. This precise audience insight allows digital ads to be customized in real-time to improve user engagement, overall campaign performance, and ROI.