Self-Serve Platform

Our self-service platform is designed to provide a seamless experience for all your needs.

Plan with audience Insights

Plan campaign reach using goals, budget, and criteria. Use niche insights to build target audience. Optimize campaign in real-time.

  • Estimate reach for campaign goals

  • Niche insights for target audience

  • Real-time tracking and optimization

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

  • Strategic guidance and support

Plan with  audience  Insights

Easy-to-Use Navigation

IQM's intuitive interface simplifies campaign planning, launching, and tracking. IQM platform's task-based apps allow even novice users to plan and run campaigns, see detailed reports, and optimize in real-time.

  • Fast, intuitive UI for easy campaign management

  • Task-based apps for novice users

  • Real-time reports and analytics

  • Advanced optimization for better results

  • Streamlined creative asset management

IQM DSP Platform - Native Apps for easy navigation

Accurate Targeting

Our platform employs advanced targeting technologies to reach your desired audience accurately, based on demographic, location, interests, and content consumption.

  • Multiple ad formats for diverse objectives

  • Advanced targeting options for all industry use cases

  • Campaign auto optimization

  • Real-time reporting and campaign analytics

  • Third-party data integration for insights

IQM DSP Platform - Reporting Dashboard

See the Targeting in Action

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Fast Campaign Launch

Launch a campaign effortlessly in under 30 minutes with our user-friendly platform, dedicated AdOps team, and efficient planning and support.

  • Easy planning: Streamlined campaign planning

  • Supportive team: Always-available support

  • Fast and intuitive platform: User-friendly interface

  • Quick approval: Streamlined approval process

  • Quick campaign launch time - Launch in less than 30 minutes.

IQM DSP Platform - Campaign Builder

Consolidated Reporting

Easily track campaign performance across devices and mediums with consolidated reporting. Optimize in real-time to get the best performance for your ad spend.

  • Cross-device tracking: Track performance across devices

  • Consolidated reporting: Easy-to-read campaign dashboard

  • Actionable insights: Data-driven decision-making

  • Customizable reporting: Flexible reporting options

IQM DSP Platform - Reporting Dashboard

Real-time Optimization

Our AI-powered ad servers optimize every bid in real-time using advanced machine learning, ensuring that you reach your desired audience with the right message at a fair price.

  • AI-powered ad servers: Optimized bidding & bid Shading

  • Real-time optimization: Multi-factor optimization

  • Increased ROI: Improved return on investment

  • Continuous improvement: Learning and optimizing continuously

  • Proactive monitoring: Monitoring for smooth performance

IQM DSP Platform - Goai AI - Auto Optimization

24X7 AdOps Support

Get expert advice and support from our team of programmatic experts, whether you use our self-serve platform or managed services, to ensure your campaign goals are met.

  • Personalized guidance for campaign goals

  • Optimize targeting, messaging, and creative

  • Ongoing support for campaign success

  • Industry insights for better campaigns

  • Monitor and analyze campaign performance

IQM DSP Platform - Support - Help Docs

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