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John Doe

Armela Dosti

Global Account Executive

New York, US

IQM is a family where people care and look out for each other. Employees are valued as partners in the company's growth story - as the company has grown, we have grown with it. The leaders here are like mentors who are there to support, teach, and help you be your best self. I haven't come across such a fantastic work environment before in my professional life.

Pratik Thakkar

Head of Integration

Ahmedabad, India

In my long career with IQM, I have learned so much about building high-scalability and low-latency architectural modules. I've had the pleasure of working with highly motivated colleagues who are always eager to take up new responsibilities and challenges. The culture of open communications across hierarchies and functions fosters a great learning environment.

Pooja Ranjan

Data Scientist

Ahmedabad, India

IQM is a great place to work. There is so much to learn every day. Every project offers unique challenges, thus making the learning trajectory steep. Personally, I've grown here tremendously on the basis of the exemplary work opportunities. One can really think about building a long-term career here.

Dhimant Bhundia

Head of Product

Toronto, Canada

In my decade-long career in AdTech industry, I have worked on many products closely. The small but mighty team at IQM has developed one of the most capable and robust platforms I have ever seen. I am proud to lead and work alongside such talented and innovative people.

Darshan Khatri

Head of AdOps

New York, US

I am one of the first employees of IQM, and I love working here. I feel more like a family member than an employee. The management encourages us to learn more skill and excel at them, and provides us with resources and support to help us grow personally and professionally.

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A truly global team, we work with clients across the world.

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A truly global team, we work with clients across the world.

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