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Data Scientist

  • Job Role

    • Develop and refine algorithms for machine learning from large datasets.
    • Write offline as well as efficient runtime programs for meaning extraction and real-time response systems.
    • Develop and improve Ad-Targeting based on various criteria like demographics, location, user-interests and many more.
    • Design and develop techniques for handling real-time budget and campaign updates.
    • Be open to learning new technologies.
    • Collaborate with team members in building products.
  • Skills Required

    • MS/PhD in Computer Science or other highly quantitative field.
    • Minimum 8 - 10 yrs of hands on experience in different machine-learning techniques.
    • Strong expertise in Big-data processing.
    • (Combination of the technologies you should be familiar with Kafka, Storm, Logstash, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Spark)
    • Strong coding skills in at-least one object-oriented programming language (e.g. Java, Python).
    • Strong problem solving and analytical ability.
    • Prior 4+ year experience in advertising technology is preferred.
  • Personality

    • You want to work in a small, agile team.
    • You mentor other developers when needed.
    • You work hard and don’t need much oversight.
    • You like variety in your projects.
    • You want to be proud of what you do at your job.

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