Voter Analysis + Activation

Voter analysis, segmentation and targeting enabled by real-time data, algorithms and AI.


Voter mobilization wins elections, period. Effective campaigns target, reach and motivate voters to act. IQM gives organizations and candidates the ability to better predict voter behavior, create more responsive political platforms and activate multi-channel media campaigns powered by real-time data-based applications.

Predict Polls 

Generates predicted election outcomes by altering voter and campaign scenarios 

Locally Intelligent

Gives insights to positive action on local issues based on historical and real time data

Emotionally Intelligent 

Surfaces topics that will resonate with your voter propensity based on social and consumer intelligence

IQM’s intuitive, customizable dashboard calculates a detailed persuasion profile for each voter segment down to the individual level. Utilize our data, or upload your own profile data to enrich your organization’s understanding of voters.

Our real-time data visualization tool lets you target segments by voting district at the city, county, state level, or draw your own segment on the map to select geographic areas to analyze.

Our proprietary persuasion funnel indicates each segment’s propensity to vote and political party affiliation, which can be customized to your organization’s unique intelligence needs.

Upload sample creative and our AI understands and classifies it, then predicts how audiences will react. Modify your segment or upload new creative to see how it will affect performance.

Create powerful widgets for issues scores customized to your party and organization, to help you understand each segment’s views on timely topics and hot-button political issues.

Historical and predictive Location Persona data even shows how people travel in physical space, to guide your offline and out-of-home advertising strategies for the segment.

AI-Powered Voter Intelligence

IQM's Political Intelligence Solution automates the merging of voter profiles, online data, offline events, public opinion, trends, and other insights. By leveraging our proprietary algorithms, your team will have access to increasingly robust voter data while reducing the time needed on research.


Plug the platform's results into any internal communication channel to deliver dashboards, reports or on-demand insights as needed

Voter Analysis

Access detailed consumer and social intelligence data segments with cross-segmenting capabilities to better understand motivations

Situational Reasoning

Gain the ability to compute historical and real time localized data to produce scenarios and voter insights instantaneously

Make AI work for you