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Programmatic Platform

Run campaigns across all channels instantaneously and at scale

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Omnichannel Campaign Management

Our DSP enables you to manage and optimize all your digital ad campaigns across mobile, video, social, display, audio, and native so you can reach voters at every touchpoint and ensure a consistent experience with your message.

  • Media Integration
    Dynamic Creatives
    Comprehensive Data

    Display Ads

    Display ads remain central pillar of advertising. They represent the richest medium to learn about customers and collect data.

  • Consistent Experience
    Ecosystem Integration

    Mobile Ads

    Reach huge audiences. Leverage best-in-class targeting, and unmatched reach. Configure your campaigns to deliver mobile-specific or omnichannel.

  • Natural Context
    Growing Format

    Native Ads

    Blend creative assets into the format of surrounding context. This allows publishers to achieve a consistent feel, and boosts engagement.

  • Omnichannel
    Exclusive Supply
    Target and Measure

    Video Ads

    Incorporate video across every screen and video platform. Digital and video are converging. Reaching customers across screens is essential.

  • Target and Measure
    Exclusive Supply
    Growing Format

    Audio Ads

    Internet radio is a huge channel. Connect the experience of audio ads with the precise targeting and metric capabilities of digital marketing.

  • RTB and Bid Optimization

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    RTB and Bid Optimization

    IQM delivers the infrastructure, networking and analytics to ensure your ads reach your audience quickly, efficiently and at the lowest cost per impression. Our ad servers are designed to dynamically test, identify and scale top-performing ad units across target audiences, so every bid is optimized. We know that milliseconds can mean the difference between your ad being viewed or not viewed and we ensure fast, low-latency service delivery.

  • Universal Creative Management

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    Universal Creative Management

    We’ll manage all your creative assets in one place, enabling you to rapidly reuse assets to activate new channels and media sources. Our dynamic creative capabilities allow you to assemble smarter, data-driven creative than can go live within minutes.

  • Publisher Network

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    Publisher Network

    IQM will reach your voters through our vast network of two million publishers across a variety of devices and platforms. Our scalable platform manages 40 billion impressions every day and our ads reach a third of the entire Internet.

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