Welcome to IQM!

IQM is a programmatic media buying and audience intelligence platform focused on politics, advocacy, and issue-based campaigns.

Our proprietary AI-powered patent-pending technology identifies and analyzes the online and offline voter journeys with high accuracy, and reaches them with real-time, targeted ads locally and globally, across devices and channels like mobile, desktop, CTV/OTT, native, and audio. We provide 360-degree political advertising solutions to political campaigns and advocacy organizations including planning, targeting, measuring, optimizing, and insights.

With over 190+ million anonymous voter profiles from the US and advanced machine learning technology, we can provide industry-leading match rates of 60-75% of clients' voter data.

  • Political-First approachPolitical-First approach
  • Omni-Channel TargetingOmni-Channel Targeting
  • Self-Serve and ManagedSelf-Serve and Managed
  • Proprietary AI-Powered TechnologyProprietary AI-Powered Technology
  • Data Security and PrivacyData Security and Privacy
  • Voter and Campaign Reporting InsightsVoter and Campaign Reporting Insights
  • 95% Client Retention Rate95% Client Retention Rate
  • No minimums and Transparent PricingNo minimums and Transparent Pricing