TELCO CARRIERS trust SIA - audience artifical intelligence - to


Protect your infrastructure and maximize the return of you investments

Help your subscribers to clean their online experience from irrelevant and unnecessary ad intrusions and help them receive the right and expected information

Create new money making business opportunities

Collect and anonymize valuable information about your subscribers to create a source of business intelligence for your company and third parties


Transform dumb pipes into money making infrastructure

Analyze your subscribers usage and understand their needs to create new business opportunities

Gain and retain customers by offering a better subscriber experience

Take control of the last mile, helping your subscribers to access online services in a secure, safe, and uninterrupted way

IQM Decodes your Customers' Shopping Genome

A Customer Shopping DNA(CS-DNA) carries the genetic and learned instructions used in the selection, purchasing, usage, and recommendation of products and services by all customers. By mapping all the combinations we create more than a 360 view, we achieve a truly 3D understanding of your audience.

Building Blocks

Online Behaviour
Offline Behaviour
Personal Traits
Needs & Intents

Online Behaviour

Social traits - Social networks, connections, engagement, and more. Mobile traits - apps categories, usage, engagement. Digital traits - Search, content consumption and more

Needs and Intents

Psychographics, precise interests including activities, causes, entertainment, lifestyle, professional, and more. Shopping cart abandonments, product research, CRM, and others. Events

Personal Traits

Demographics (age, gender, home location, household Income, native language, and ethnicity) Technology usage and preferences Cultural cues Regional cues

Offline behavior

Precise real-time and historical location information, frequent places, competitors visits, unusual locations, and more Store Purchases and buyers remorse signals Expenditure patterns

One Source of Intelligence - Countless Benefits

Map and view the location of predefined customers’ cluster in real-time

Use past consumer behavior to plan and prepare for future events

Understand consumer flow and behavior under different conditions

Pre-target based on audience intelligence data and environmental signal

Target audience with the right message, at the right place and time for the right price

Retarget based on interaction with mobile ads.

Find out the real profile of your customers persona

Find out what are customers consuming and the places they are visiting

See consumer behavior in their physical environment in real-time.

Follow relevant audiences in the physical world based on their current location.

Track audiences based on their historical location visitation

Track audiences’ mobile and desktop usage.

Create incentives, promotions, and A/B tests in real time.

Improve the venue messaging and targeting

Provide businesses promotion attribution information

Match Audience’s DeviceIDs to brand’s 1st party data

Match Audience’s DeviceID to email, and phone number by leveraging 3rd party data

Match bidirectionally customers cluster with products and services