Audience Targeting

Maximize your reach and impact by pinpointing your ideal audience with our precise targeting capabilities.

Matched Audience Targeting

IQM matches your offline voter list or CRM data to mobile device IDs, cookies, and IP addresses using both ID-based and cookie-less proprietary patent-pending data matching technologies while keeping consumers' personal information private.

  • Advanced data matching technology

  • Match offline data to digital IDs

  • Cookie-less matching

  • Privacy safe audience matching

Matched Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting from Political Data Providers

IQM provides you with the ability to work with any data provider you choose. Upload CSV, integrate through your CRM or ingest data through your data providers.

  • Flexible data provider options

  • Upload data in any format and from any system

  • Seamless integration with multiple providers

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Audience Targeting from Political Data Providers

Custom Audience Targeting

IQM allows you to build your target audience on any Data Management Platform (DMP) of your choice and then seamlessly push them to activate on IQM's platform.

  • Use any DMP provider as per your needs

  • Push data from your DMP to IQM in just a few clicks

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Custom Audience Targeting

Pre-built Audience Segments Targeting

IQM offers an extensive library of politically curated segments that are readily available for activation. You can instantly choose from thousands of these segments, which have been precisely targeted to reach specific political audiences.

  • Meticulously curated Segments by our experts

  • Activate these segments within minutes

Pre-built Audience Segments Targeting


Using IQM's advanced retargeting technology, you can re-engage with your website visitors. Our platform tracks their online behavior and displays your ads to them across multiple channels and platforms.

  • Stay top-of-mind and bring your users back to your site

  • Increasing the chances of converting your users to your customers

IQM DSP Platform - Political Vertical - Retargeting

Reach More Voters With Custom Requirements

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Geo-farmed Audience Targeting

By leveraging IQM's proprietary location data technology, you can target voters based on their historical location visitation behavior.

  • Identify voters based on their visitations of specific locations such as polling stations, campaign rallies, and other political events.

  • Create a customised audience of these voters

  • Reach out to these voters on mobiles or desktops with a customized message.

Geo-farmed Audience Targeting

Lookalike Audience Targeting

With IQM, you can expand your reach and connect with new voters who share similar characteristics and behaviors to your target voters.

  • Identify patterns in users' demographics, interests, and online behavior

  • Build custom audience segments of users who exhibit similar traits

  • Expand your reach to a larger audience

Lookalike Audience Targeting

Contextual Audience Targeting

With IQM's advanced technology, you can target users based on the content they are consuming or have consumed in the past. We support 100+ languages and we catalogue 250k+ publilshers and 150M+ pages daily.

  • Analyzes users' online behavior

  • Identify users interested in specific topics

  • Categorizes users into different interest groups and target them

Contextual Audience Targeting

Target Audience from Previous Marketing Campaigns

With IQM, you can create a dynamic campaign funnel by targeting users who have engaged with your ads in the past. This means you can tailor your ad campaigns specifically to those users who have already shown interest in your brand, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

  • Target users who engaged with ads in past

  • Tailor ad campaigns to interested users

  • Increases likelihood of conversion

  • Retarget interested users to keep brand top of mind

Target Audience from Previous Marketing Campaigns

Use AI to reach your voters with accuracy