Inventory Targeting

Advertise with millions of publishers locally and globally in real-time using open exchanges or private deals.

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Top Inventories for USA

Top Inventories for USA

Open Market Real-Time Bidding

Determine your target demographic and your budget, and let our technology do the rest, while having full transparency and control over your ad spend. Reach your audiences with appropriate messaging via millions of available impressions across the internet.

    Open Market Real-Time Bidding

    Private Marketplaces

    Select the publishers of your choice and easily manage all your deals. Bring your first-party contracts, or choose from our library of thousands of publisher contracts.

      IQM DSP Platform - Political Vertical - Private Marketplace

      Programmatic Guarantee

      Negotiate a deal directly with a publisher, guaranteeing inventory and pricing. Our platform helps you launch the campaign quickly and at the same priority as other deals within the ad server. Manage all your reports, billings, and contracts in one place, while guaranteeing your position with your selected publishers.

        IQM DSP Platform - Political Vertical - Programmatic Guaranteed

        Our Differentiation

        Fraud-free Inventory

        Full Transparency

        Cherry-pick Publishers & Ad Slots

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