Location Targeting

Reach the right people at the right time and place with our powerful location targeting tool.

Geo-fencing Targeting

Create polygons (virtual boundaries) on the map and target voters in real time when they visit the desired locations. We have political district polygons for state senate and house districts going beyond the zip code level targeting that most DSP platforms offer.

  • Utilize virtual boundaries for precise targeting.

  • Achieve timely engagement with real-time targeting.

  • Target beyond zip-code level

IQM DSP Platform - Political Vertical - Geo-fencing Targeting

Geo Farming Targeting

Identify your target audience by their historical visitation behavior to specific points of interest such as congressional districts, counties, rallies, marches, etc. for up to 1 year, and target them with relevant ads.

  • Identify voters based on their visitations of specific locations such as polling stations, campaign rallies, and other political events.

  • Create a customised audience of these voters

  • Reach out to these voters on mobiles or desktops with a customized message.

IQM DSP Platform - Political Vertical - Geo-farming Targeting

See the location targeting in action