GOTV Campaigns

What is a GOTV campaign?

The purpose of Get Out the Vote (GOTV) ads is to motivate, and direct voters to their polling location on Election Day. Reaching out to the right voters with the right message is crucial in the last days of the election. GOTV messages that provide voters useful information regarding voting, help make them a plan and persuade them through impactful messaging, have a great impact on voter turnout. According to some studies, if done right, your GOTV effort can increase your votes by more than 10%.

Physical GOTV efforts work well, but they are manpower intensive and very time-consuming. In the critical last moments of your campaign, targeted ads are a scalable and efficient way to maximize your reach. There are many advantages of using GOTV ads to get the people moving in the critical last leg of your campaign. Digital ad campaigns provide the ability to frequently upload, match and target voters with specific messages.


Things to consider in GOTV campaigns

  • Geofencing Targeting - Create a polygon (virtual boundary) on the map and target audience in real-time when they visit the location.
  • Use updated data - The updated voter database with voting details is an important tool to pinpoint your campaign effects in the precious last moments. It's important that voter data is updated regularly to continually reflect who has requested and returned ballots and voted early.
  • Targeting with precision - Target your supporters effectively using an updated database and precise targeting. You can match your voter data with IQM's large library and target your voters with precision.

How IQM helps with GOTV Campaign

  • Geofencing Targeting - Create a polygon (virtual boundary) on the map and target audience in real-time when they visit the location.
  • Integrate calendar within Ad - IQM gives your users the ability to save the voting date directly from the ad body, with calendar integration. This tool is very helpful in reminding voters to go and vote on time and helps in voter turnout.
  • Precise Targeting
    • Geo-fencing targeting - Use IQM DSP to draw a flexible boundary on the map to target the voters in your constituency to display hyper-local ads. For GOTV campaigns, this kind of precise targeting lets you reach people locally with personalised ads.
    • Targeting basis on demography - With IQM's AI-powered and machine learning technologies, you can reach people who are most likely to vote for you, based on attributes such as age, gender, and language.
    • Voter-File Targeted Ads - Match your voter list with our large political database to reach the right voters.
  • Enhance Reach with direct mail - IQM helps you reach your digital users in the physical world by extending your programmatic audience to direct mail. GOTV mailers using effective messaging such as social pressure persuasion can boost turnout by 2.5 percentage points.
  • Increase Reach with Social Media - Add one more of reaching out to your voters by using IQM's audience extension to social. Social media is a great way to persuade your supporters to vote for you. The peer pressure inherent in social media platforms can be used to your advantage to motivate people to vote.
  • Real-time reporting - Use our detailed and transparent report to measure effectiveness and tweak the approach and messaging.

Reach More Voters And Get Out The Vote