Issue Advocacy Campaigns

What Are Issue Advocacy Campaigns?

The goal of an issue advocacy campaign is to raise awareness about an issue, often focused on economic, political, social, and environmental issues. Issue advocacy ad campaigns can help you reach people concerned about a certain issue and motivate them to action, such as donating their time, and money, and/or making a change with their vote.


Things To Consider In Issue Advocacy Campaigns

  • Geofencing Targeting - Create a polygon (virtual boundary) on the map and target audience in real-time when they visit the location.
  • Messaging - The way in which your political stance is conveyed also has a huge impact. Your political platform needs to be conveyed in such a manner that it appeals to the values of the people you are trying to persuade to vote for you.
  • Draft Powerful Copy - Words have the power to move mountains. A powerful message that makes an emotional connection with people and can make them think and feel about your issue, is one of the most important things for your campaign.
  • Clear Call To Action - Let people know how they can get involved and/or help. Upfront communication about the process to get involved, and expectation from them makes people more likely to get involved.
  • Use Your First And Third-Party Data - Use your CRM data to reach out to your supporters, donors, people who align with the issues, and people who are most likely to be interested in the issue you are advocating.
  • Focused Targeting - Advanced audience targeting technologies such as lookalike targeting, demography-based targeting, and retargeting can help you reach your target audience with high accuracy. A specialized and AI-powered DSP such as IQM can help you reach the most relevant people and maximize your budget.

How IQM Helps With Issue Advocacy Campaigns

A DSP focused on political and issue-advocacy ad niche, IQM has technology and insights that can help you reach your target audience with accuracy and efficiency and help you make a real impact.

  • Geofencing Targeting - Create a polygon (virtual boundary) on the map and target audience in real-time when they visit the location.
  • Accurate Targeting -
    • Location-Based Targeting - IQM's advanced location-based targeting techniques, such as geo-fencing and geo-farming can help you target your audience with precision. For example, you can reach out to people who live in certain neighbourhoods or say, go to college. Using technology like geo-farming, you can reach out to people who have attended a rally that aligns with your cause.
    • Contextual Targeting - IQM helps you reach your target audience by reaching them on websites with content that aligns with your cause. Contextual ads can also ensure that your target audience is in a receptive frame of mind when they see your ad.
    • Retargeting - Retargeting can act as a great reminder for people who have shown interest in the issue or related issues in past, and to move them into action.
    • Demographic Targeting - Simple yet one of the most commonly used and effective targeting is based on demography. It is even more effective in issue-based campaigns. Combined with IQM's data insights focused on political and issue-based niches, you can reach your target audience with high precision.
  • Use The Power Of Social Media - IQM DSP helps you extend your programmatic audience to social media. Since issue advocacy is very social in nature, reaching people on social media can get them to start a conversation, connect with like-minded people who care about the same cause, and motivate them into action.
  • Reach Your Audience Through E-mail Marketing - Email marketing is another channel that is known to be effective for issue advocacy. With IQM's audience extension from programmatic to email, you can reach a wider audience who are more likely to care about your cause.
  • Interactive Rich-Media Ad With Clear CTA - IQM enables you to run interactive rich-media ads with a clear call-to-action, such as adding a name to petition, donate, sign up for party membership or volunteer. This makes your advocacy campaigns very impactful.
  • Real-Time Campaign Report - IQM has transparent consolidated reporting, which gives you full visibility and control of your campaign performance so that you can quickly optimize the campaign in order to maximize your budget.

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