Persuasion Campaigns

What Are Political Persuasion Campaigns?

Political persuasion campaigns are used to influence your voters to support you over your opposition. Political persuasion is very effective in moving undecided voters to your side or consolidating your own supporter base.
The key to persuasion is in reaching the desired target audience with the right messaging. The various types of messaging for effective political persuasion are helpful in influencing public perception of your candidate, building trust, uniting voters towards a common goal, communicating momentum, and using social and peer pressure to move the needle in your favor.


Things To Consider In Persuasion Campaigns

  • Geofencing Targeting - Create a polygon (virtual boundary) on the map and target audience in real-time when they visit the location.
  • Messaging - The way in which your political stance is conveyed also has a huge impact. Your political platform needs to be conveyed in such a manner that it appeals to the values of the people you are trying to persuade to vote for you.
  • Reach Target Audience With The Right Messages - Reach out to the different target audiences with a message that is most likely to persuade their vote in your favor. For example, your targeting strategy and messaging should be different for your supporters and for the people who are on the fence.
  • Use Social And Peer Persuasion - Campaigns running on social media get people talking and be more invested in the political process. Encouraging your supporters to be more vocal and open about their support can prove to be very effective for your campaign. With IQM's audience extension feature, you can reach your programmatic audience by running campaigns on social media platforms too.
  • Voter Data Upload And Matching - Use your voter list and CRM data to reach out to voters who have voted for you in the past, your supporters and undecided voters.
  • Remove Barriers To Voting - Telling your supporters how to vote, where to vote, how to request a ballot, etc. can have a significant impact on voter turnout.

How Iqm Helps With Your Persuasion Campaigns

  • Geofencing Targeting - Create a polygon (virtual boundary) on the map and target audience in real-time when they visit the location.
  • Use Voter List And Your Crm Data - Onboard your own voter and CRM data and match them with high accuracy in our large database.
  • Accurate Targeting -
    • Contextual Targeting - Identify and reach your voters by the content they are consuming and target them with the right messaging which matches the context of the publisher page.
    • Lookalike Audience Targeting - IQM uses AI for lookalike audience targeting that helps you reach out to the people who have similar interests and profiles to your voters and supporters.
    • Demography-Based Targeting - Reach out to people in demography groups who are most likely to vote for you. These groups can be based on age, gender, ethnicity, income group, etc.
    • Location-Based Targeting - Reach out to people in your constituency with IQM's advanced geo-fencing technology, which lets you draw an exact boundary on the map. Also, you can use geo-farming to reach out to people who visit certain locations such as counties, political rallies, marches, etc.
    • Use Interactive Ads With Integrations - Share the momentum of your campaign, new endorsements, etc by sharing links to articles right from your ad.
    • Use The Power Of Videos And Connected TV - Video ads are a very effective format to introduce your candidate, share their story, and convey their political platform. With IQM's omnichannel capability, you can run ads on thousands of publisher sites and CTV.

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