Use Cases

Public Affairs Campaigns

The goal of public affairs campaign is to seek policy influence in getting to change certain laws or regulations. Usually, public affairs campaigns are localized with issues related to the local political, social, or economic spheres, and narrow as they seek to influence a small number of people. A public affairs campaign is very important to have any positive policy impact.

Inside of a parliament filled with members

Things to consider in public affairs campaign

  • Define goals - It's important to define the campaign goal at the very beginning - is it seeking legislative/regulatory change, behavior change, support for a cause, or new government spending? The message and target audience should always be keeping these goals in mind.
  • Well-defined plan - Successful public affairs campaign is well planned, structured, data-driven, and evidence-based. A public affairs campaign plan provides purpose and direction and increases your success chances.
  • Define target audience - Unlike other campaigns, public affairs campaigns generally target a narrow and specific audience. It's important to define the target audience, how to target them effectively, and messaging for different segments of the audience.
  • Identify key messages - Drafting a clear central message is very important for the success of public affairs campaigns. It's also important to finalize the larger content structure, including the arguments and information to be conveyed.
  • Decide communication channels - With a narrow target audience, it's important to decide the channels, formats, and mediums where you can reach out most effectively.

How IQM helps with Public Affairs Campaigns

  • Insights - Focused on political and issue-advocacy spheres, IQM has its own DMP and partners with several political and data partners. This enables us to have detailed insights into the voter profiles, motivations, and opinions on various issues. Such curated insights are very helpful in understanding the public sentiments and thus running a successful public affairs campaign.
  • Accurate Targeting -
    • Contextual Targeting - Public affairs campaigns need to target a narrow set of audiences, such as policymakers and influencers. With thousands of publisher partners, IQM enables you to run ads on the websites frequented by your target audience.
    • Location-based targeting - IQM's sophisticated location-based targeting technology gives you the ability to pinpoint a single location such as a government building or a courthouse and reach people visiting that location.
    • Data Onboarding - You can bring over your own data, match it against our large database with high accuracy, and reach out to the matched audience.
  • Real-time Campaign Report - Monitor the performance of your campaign with IQM's detailed campaign reporting. You can quickly optimize the campaign in order to maximize your budget.