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West Virginia Is Currently in the Firm Hands of Conservatives.

IQM has evolved into a leading data-driven political marketing solutions provider. Customers and end-users can now access state-of-the-art predictive models of voter motivations, enthusiasm, and the level of open-mindedness.

The IQM team of technology experts, developers, and academics have successfully leveraged algorithms to solve business problems for years. We are now carrying over that expertise to the political arena, empowering campaign managers, candidates, and organizations with one-of-a-kind voter-matching services.


With secure information from our customers and data partners, we develop predictive models of media consumption habits across the entire digital landscape. This includes broadcast news, online video, online radio networks, social media, and other trackable distribution channels. Voter models are customizable and can be broken down by issue, district, even down to the individual citizen.

Our data is delivered in real-time and with the improvements in mobile technology, the profiles are more accurate than any other service on the market. IQM-powered campaigns better track, monitor and predict voting patterns. Campaign content producers and publishers craft stronger messages are able to integrate more local issues into their policies and able to dedicate more resources to reach undecided voters.

IQM voter solutions were successfully used on the Phil Murphy campaign for Governor of New Jersey, the nationwide Climate March in Washington, D.C. in 2017, and the successful passage of the country’s first Soda Tax in Philadelphia, PA.

Huge Stakes Meant We Needed to Get Involved

Our CEO and co-founder Bhargav Patel said, “Two generations ago candidates for public office could more easily connect with a voter base. Connecting was as simple as organizing a town hall. Today neighborhoods are ethnically diverse enclaves with distinct concerns and political motivations. Progressive campaigns need a better way to remain connected and responsive to voters.” He added, “Algorithms and data mining have already revolutionized our consumer experiences. It’s time to apply these best practices to voting and the political arena.” The public policy stakes are too high and it’s the only way our democratic institutions can endure.

Chintan Buch, CTO/Founder at IQM said, “We’ve excelled at putting together a team of immensely talented developers and IT professionals with a specialized expertise to implement customized AI-powered solutions in the political sphere.”

Back also said “There’s a great deal of responsibility involved in the work we do. We want to motivate voters and empower political activism, but the public needs truthful content based on facts. We’ve found that undecided voters typically make decisions based on positive fact-based news, rather than sensationalized content. We want to leverage this information and convert interest into a decision at the voting booth.”

Our voter intelligence platform contains over 36,000 voter attributes to create an unlimited number of segments that can be viewed, analyzed, and optimized. IQM service fees may be applied via subscription or on a data-as-a-service (DaaS) basis.


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